Jul 13, 2008


This was a project that I downloaded free from the internet. This pattern and design is called Anna's Hummingbird and is © by Crossed Wing Collection.


Ginger said...

What a great cross stitch blog.
Just gorgeous stitches. I can see how you put your love in each piture just lovely work my friend enjoy your day l'll be back to see you again hugs

Ethan C. Nobles said...

Well, you went and did it -- here's a blog my mother-in-law will absolutely love! She's a cross-stitching maniac and I'm sending her a link to this.

Ah, there's a little something out there for everyone on the Internet these days, yeah?

I'm truly glad I ran across this blog -- that'll make ol' mom-in-law very happy!

Straight-shooting real estate

Anonymous said...
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