Jul 31, 2008

Friendship Kit

This is one of those little kits you find at the dollar stores. It is easy, and quick to stitch up! I recommend this type of project for the beginner.

Jul 27, 2008


Trout Fishing
This stitch kit is called Casting a Fly by Dimensions
The finished size is 5x7 inches

Gone Fishin'

Rainbow Trout

Jul 24, 2008

Baby Announcement

I completed this kit for a little family member.

Jul 20, 2008

Luv My Cat

This chart was from Cross Stitcher magazine February 2004

Jul 18, 2008

I Wish You

This is another project that I stitched and gave as a gift.

(to view the poem, click on the image to enlarge it)

Jul 17, 2008

GrandMother Saying

I stitched this little saying for my Daughter when she became a GrandMother.

Jul 13, 2008


This was a project that I downloaded free from the internet. This pattern and design is called Anna's Hummingbird and is © by Crossed Wing Collection.

Jul 12, 2008

John Deere

This is a project I stitched of an old tractor, but when I look at the image, it puts my memory in rewind...

Edit: You may find a free download of this pattern here: http://www.thecrossstitchermagazine.com/Projects/Free/johndeere.pdf

This takes me back to the days when I was very young, with gardens, fields of corn, and pastures. I can smell the fresh air. There were no nearby highways, so you could actually hear the birds singing.
I remember the corn "shocks" as we called them. After all the corn was gathered, cooked and canned, there would be some ears of corn left on the stalk but they were left behind because the kernels were starting to dry out and not good for eating, for humans, that is.
They were left as winter food for the cows and horses or mules when we had them. Sometimes we only had one cow which was our milk source. I remember a mule which was sometimes used for plowing the garden.
After the corn was cut, we stood it up in shocks. It was gathered up in bunches, and stacked straight up, spread out at the bottom and tied at the top with bailing twine. It was in the shape of a tee-pee. This was a drying process and sometimes left in the field like this until the animals needed it.
We "kids" would make sure one or two of them were tied high enough that we could go into the bottom of the shock and open it up like a tee-pee and play inside. I guess we didn't think about snakes and spiders.
I wonder how many others did this as a child. I'm thinking there were probably many children who did this if they grew up in the country as I did.

Jul 6, 2008

Cross Stitch Sayings

A stitch in time, saves nine
Stitch your stress away
Born to cross stitch
Happiness is cross stitching
Hooked on Stitching
Cross stitchers count
Stitchers bear their crosses
You can "count" on cross stitching
Hands for work, hearts for God
Home is where I hang my cross stitch
Crossing Stitches
I'm stitching, do not disturb
I'd rather be stitching than be in the kitchen
I will cross that stitch when I come to it
Cross stitching is good X-ercise
Itching to stitch
Stitched with love
Cross stitch fever

Jul 5, 2008

Patriotic Cross Stitch Squares

I stitched these twenty four squares for a future project. I have not yet decided but it will probably be a small quilt or maybe some cute pillows.

Jul 3, 2008

My Little Corner of the World

I found this kit at a yard sale and bought it at a really low price. It was fun to finish and is a good size. I still have it but have not decided to frame it or make it into another type of display.

Jul 2, 2008

Psalm 119/50

This is another pretty project I did. I framed it and gifted it to my Sister.

Stitching Friendship

I stitched this project for my granddaughter. It was one of the more difficult ones, but I loved doing this one.

Jul 1, 2008