Sep 14, 2008

Mill Pond

This piece of stitch work took some time to do. It is called Mill Pond and was published in the February 2004 edition of The Cross Stitcher magazine. The design is by Julia Lucas. This is the first project that I did using the Kreinik thread. Kreinik is a fine metallic filament thread that you use for blending with your regular thread to give your work a little sparkle. This is what I used with the snow stitches to give it a little shimmer. I'm not sure I used it correctly but it turned out pretty anyway. Click photo for an enlargement.


Miss 376 said...

This is lovely. Nice to have a bit of sparkle in the stitching

KKL-Neenee said...

Your stitchings are beautiful!

I used to cross stitch years ago, but got away from it to get into sewing. Maybe one day I'll try it again.