Dec 27, 2008

Cedar Wax Wing

I just checked Tereena Clarke's Artecy Cross Stitch and she has a beautiful free download up for grabs. I am partial to birds so naturally I really like this one, but I think you will too! It makes me want to get back to stitching! See it HERE.
She also has a cute Santa so you have a whole year to do that one. Have fun.


Gingerbread said...

Hi Thank you for the link, yes it is a lovely design. I am going to be strong though and finish my winter sean I am doing at the moment.Best wishes Julie.C

Bobbie said...

I love your site. I used to cross stitch all of the time. But my husband and I moved to Haiti as Missionaries and are now back in the states. But atlas I gave all of my books, thread and everything away before moving to Haiti so all I can do now is look at your site and remember when.