Aug 5, 2008

I Gopher For A Good Book

I cross stitched this book mark and sewed it to a cloth backing. I wanted the cute little eye glasses to stand out, so I added a gold thread in with my floss thread. This gave the eye glass frame a gold wire effect, which I like. Below is a close up of that, although the camera does not pick up the gold very well. You can click on any of the photos to get an enlarged view.


Cross Stitch Fan said...

So Cute! I enjoyed browsing your whole blog today. You do nice needlework!

Ginger said...

Oh that's adorable ! Wouldn't that be cute to give to a teacher too.
hugs ginger

geminiprincess said...

wow! cool!
I really love cross-stitching , especially with my mom...sadly we stoppped because of too many things to do besides it. and schoolwork for me too..
I wish mom gets to frame all of our projects, but since frames are not that affordable here, i don't know...

great work..hope to stitch sometime again :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have this pattern available? I'd like to make some for my book club friends.

Costumegirl said...

I was wondering where you found the pattern for this. My mom made this bookmark for me, but sadly I have lost it. Now we can't find the original pattern. If you could tell me that would be so great.